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Quarterly portfolio review

Investment Insights: 1st Quarter, 2015 in review

By Mike Jones, posted April 23rd, 2015

Spring usually brings with it milder weather and (lately) milder reallocations to our investment models.

I've noticed over the last several years that the 2nd quarter reallocations produced by my statistical and technical analysis yields minor adjustments. This year that "mild spring" trend continues. 

Investment Insights: 3rd quarter, 2014 review

By Mike Jones, posted October 16th, 2014

Just because you hear something often enough and loud enough doesn't make it true.

Sound bites about the investment environment proffered by the media - even the financial media - may not be a solid foundation for investment decision making.

Investment Insights: 2nd quarter, 2014 review

By Mike Jones, posted July 25th, 2014

After stumbling in early April, U.S. stocks continued their upward trajectory as realized last year and posted gains in the second quarter of the year.  Stock markets around the globe advanced despite the troubling environment demonstrated by escalating violence in various corners of the globe, including Russia's seizure of Crimea. Stock performance was fairly uniform, with no clear leadership emerging. 

Investment Insights: 1st quarter, 2014 review

By Mike Jones, posted April 17th, 2014

"Where are we now?"

That may be the most common question I get asked when clients want to know about the economy.

Investment Insights: 4th quarter, 2013 review

By Mike Jones, posted January, 23rd, 2014

In my inaugural portfolio review last quarter, I stated that "the bond market would be a tough place to navigate."  That proved to be accurate.  Bonds will continue to be an investment arena that will require diligence and investment attention if interest rates continue to rise. 

Investment Insights: 3rd quarter, 2013 review

By Mike Jones, posted October 15th, 2013

Welcome to the first ever Wisdom on Wealth quarterly portfolio review!  Just a word to begin: while all investors certainly can find this information insightful, I've written this specifically for clients invested in one of our statistically driven, dynamic asset allocation models.

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