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Frequently Asked Questions

We are an independent firm with no proprietary investment products to push.

The vast majority of our investment advice is rendered on a fee basis. We have found that the commission system for investment advisory services may be an obstacle to serving you. A commission-based compensation system may stress transactions, which may not always be in your best interest.

From time to time, insurance company products may be utilized in the implementation of a client's financial strategy. In those instances, a compensation system financed by the participating insurance company may be utilized. In these instances, there is no need to charge our client an additional fee.

Our fees vary depending on portfolio size, type of assets and management style.

Because our fees increase only if your portfolio grows, our interests are aligned with yours. We focus on your financial objectives and your future.

Absolutely!  While most of our clients are in the North Louisiana area (Shreveport/Bossier, Ruston and Monroe/West Monroe), we work with many out-of-region and out-of-state clients.  Typically, meetings with these clients are held remotely utilizing telephone and web conferencing technologies.

Beginning a relationship with us isn’t just about your account balances! 

More important to us is working with clients who are responsible, love and care for their families and are open-minded and willing to learn new things.  That said, we do suggest the following minimum financial requirements to ensure an appropriate fit between our qualifications and our clients’ needs. 

Our clients typically fall into one of three categories.  We recommend that “up and coming” clients be willing and able to save/invest at least $1,000 per month toward a financial plan.  “Coming in for a landing” clients are recommended to have a minimum of $250,000 of investable assets.  “Arrived and want to stay that way” clients generally have a net worth of at least $1,000,000.

Building wealth and creating financial independence is both an art and a science. To be successful, one must use a variety of skills in planning the outcome, implementing the plan and controlling the desired results. Coordinating these three steps is an ongoing and ever-changing process.

In order to provide a more efficient and cost effective approach to wealth building and preservation, we use a special economic planning process. Our "macro-economic" process of strategic wealth building, distribution and conservation focuses on the flow and positioning of your money to effectively increase its performance over time.

In our planning process, we also use a patented econometric planning model. This model is a unique and powerful tool for analyzing your personal finances. You probably own a variety of financial products and have made many financial decisions. Each product and financial decision most likely has been made individually and without much thought of integrating them into a skillfully coordinated and efficient plan. Without an economic model to assess, evaluate or measure each financial decision, your money may become uncoordinated and inefficient. It's similar to having a "junk drawer."

Our planning model is based on the principals of "personal economics," which contains all aspects of your financial life. It provides you with a full view of your financial situation categorized into several components, which makes it easy to understand and follow. You can participate in the planning process by having this unique tool available to you.

Before we begin developing your financial plan and/or investment strategy, we take a good, hard look at where you are today. We assess your lifestyle, goals, available resources, your time horizon and attitudes toward a variety of risks. This process allows us to get to know you and to customize a plan to fit your specific needs.

Then we develop a plan for you -- a blueprint that addresses your specific concerns. Once that blueprint is in place, we provide personalized assistance in implementing that plan.

We do not believe any one financial plan or investment process is right for everyone. That is why, as a part of our analysis, we will evaluate a variety of approaches and perhaps use more than one approach for you. If diversification of assets is appropriate, isn't diversification of investment approaches appropriate as well? We think so.

But our interest in your success doesn't stop there:

We carefully monitor your progress, providing our investment clients with online account access and your choice of monthly or quarterly online statements.  Upon specific request we can also provide quarterly statements through the mail.

We also make periodic adjustments to rebalance your portfolio, ensuring that our strategies stay on track with your needs.

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