Byron Moore, CFP® and Mike Jones

Mission Statement

At Argent Advisors, Inc., our mission is simple: to help you make the most of life by making the most of your financial resources.

Here’s how we try to accomplish our mission:

  1. Understand your priorities.  We believe that money should be a tool, not a goal. Therefore, we serve you by designing plans that make money your servant, not your master. The result should be greater financial independence, peace of mind, and security.
  2. Understand your concerns.  We do our utmost to provide personalized financial services that minimize your financial concerns and maximize your security.
  3. Balance your needs.  Our macro-economic planning system is a wealth building and protection process. Using this process, we seek to maximize the efficiency and performance of your money. We always keep in mind that ultimately, wealth is to be enjoyed by you and those you love.
  4. Personalize your investments.  Our on-going investment management is designed to assist you in aligning your goals and objectives with appropriate investment strategies. We know that you probably have competing interests with regard to your money: you want growth...and safety...and inflation protection...and short...everything! We try to help you balance these competing demands in an investment process that fits your individual circumstances.
  5. Communicate with you regularly.  We endeavor to help you maintain confidence in the plans and strategy we have recommended by communicating with you clearly and on regular basis.

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