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Consumer or Contributor – Which Do You Want to Be?

The holiday season is advertiser season.  We see a parade of TV commercials and online ads showing us peaceful, thankful and content people. But they’re not real, are they? They’re actors, visions created for us by clever marketers, promising us the good life if only we’ll buy their product. Perhaps you’re not like the people …

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Giving as Gain

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Someone important said that long ago, but I think every generation has the opportunity to discover that truth in new and fresh ways.  But let’s start with the obvious…the math of giving doesn’t seem to work – at first anyway.  If I’ve got $100 and I …

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A Union Under Tension

Out of many, one. That’s what the “E Pluribus Unum” phrase stamped on those coins in your pocket means.  It is the aspiration of a hopeful nation, that out of a disparate population from all over the world, a union might be formed and maintained.  For many, our “union” seems tenuous and anything but unified. …

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