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The Problem with Those “Average Returns”

An old joke says that if you keep one foot on a hot stove and your other foot in an ice bucket, on average you should be comfortable. That line always makes me smile. It underscores a reality in the world of markets and investing—averages can be both mathematically accurate and experientially awful.  Case in …

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Do These 3 Things When the Market is Soaring

The stock market is at an all-time high. Which is great, right? Your 401(k) has never been higher, and you’ve never been richer! But wait. “What goes up must come down,” right? If the market is soaring now, is a dip—or a crash—just ahead?  It’s a dilemma: Should we be content or concerned? Should we …

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3 Ways to Improve Your (Financial) Self-Image

When it comes to money, are you: (a) a financial wiz; (b) your own worst enemy; or (c) somewhere in between? In my 30+ years as a financial advisor, I’ve observed that by adulthood most people have developed a “financial self-image.” Maybe you’re one of those few souls who see yourself as good with money, …

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Is Your Financial Advisor Trustworthy?

Bernie Madoff died this week. Madoff was the architect behind the biggest Wall Street fraud in history. The former chairman of the Nasdaq stock market index, Madoff positioned himself as a self-made financial genius. He claimed to know how to avoid market fluctuations and deliver steady, handsome returns.  Famous clients like movie director Steven Spielberg, …

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5 Ways You Can Be Safer Financially

When my wife and I are on the interstate, nothing makes her more nervous than me passing an 18-wheeler. (In her defense, I’m not the one who would first feel the effects of a tractor-trailer swerving violently in our direction.) If she senses even the slightest movement our way, she ends up in my lap! …

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Will Your Retirement Income Be Enough?

How much income will you need in retirement? Here’s an eight-step plan for figuring that out. 1. Start with your current income. As an example, let’s assume you make $100,000 annually. 2. Assume some inflation. No one knows what inflation rates will be between now and your retirement. What we do know is that postage …

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