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Are You Prepared to Live to 100?

What would happen if you lived to be 100? When Wayne was contemplating his retirement from public service, he didn’t want to retire from life. He was looking for an older man who had lived the last portion of his life in an exemplary way. Wayne was 61 at the time. Who looks for a …

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Coaches for the Win

“Moore, if your brains was dynamite, you couldn’t make a humming bird sneeze!” They don’t make ‘em like Coach Shaw anymore.  He “drafted” me for his high school basketball team off my ninth-grade playground. The only thing I had going for me was being over six feet tall and attending a small high school blessed …

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Which Job Do You Want?

The interviews are over. You’ve managed to make it through the gauntlet and emerge on the other side, ready to claim that new job. All that remains is for them to make the offer and you to accept. “We are pleased to be able to make you a job offer to become part of the …

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I’ll Retire with a Little Help from My Friends

About 10,000 people retire each day in America.  That means you and I probably know someone who had planned to retire just as the Coronavirus-caused financial disaster struck.  Based on my experience, most of those 10,000 had already made peace with the fact they would have to do without a few things in order to …

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Spring Cleaning … Where Do I Start?

How is it that when you have the most unstructured time on your hands, you get the least done? Now, if you’re a doctor or nurse tending to Coronavirus patients, a banker pushing out PPP loans or a grocer working overtime to restock the toilet paper shelves, this doesn’t apply to you. But waaaay more …

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What is Wealth?

What is wealth? Where does it come from? And is it easily destroyed? These are not academic questions unrelated to our daily if Coronavirus-interrupted lives.  In fact, your answer to these questions will drive how you respond during and after the worldwide pandemic. Is wealth the sum of all the money in all the banks …

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