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Christmas Thoughts on Giving, Money, and Time

At Christmas we focus on giving.  The next day, we turn our attention to time. We review the year that’s ending and preview the year just ahead. So, how about some year-end (and year-beginning) reminders about giving and time? 1. You can give time to your money. What do I mean?  We have this amazing …

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What Airplanes Can Teach Us About Money

In my financial planning practice, I meet with a lot of “Type A” entrepreneurs. Their number one question? “Couldn’t I be doing better with my money?” I always have to smile. These driven individuals are used to optimizing everything they touch—or at least trying to. If they have three rental properties today, they want to …

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Four Components of a Good Succession Plan

Though he was past traditional retirement age, he was living every businessperson’s dream. A healthy company. A strong management team. The freedom to come and go.  “Maybe it’s time,” he told me. “Time to pass on my business to my adult children—even though they’re not actually in the business. I’m thinking that if they’d just …

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On the Simple Act of Giving Thanks

Each Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of all the benefits that come from giving thanks.  In fact, Howard Hendricks used to recommend “Thanksgiving Therapy.” He suggested writing the phrase “I’m thankful for…” on a pad of paper, then listing all the specific reasons you’re grateful.  It’s a powerful exercise. Try it and you’ll discover—as I have—that Dr. …

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When the Finish Line Gets Moved

It was a 10k race, but at the 9k mark, I was gasping for air. My lungs were on fire. My legs were screaming at me to quit.  Except that I had only one more hill to go. If I could climb it—honestly, it looked like Everest—I’d be close to the final turn where the …

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6 Essentials for a Life of Wealth

In my last column we looked at the difference between affluence and wealth.  My simple definition of affluence is “your income relative to everyone else’s.” If you make $36,000, you qualify as an average Joe – you’re right in the middle of the income numbers for the rest of the country.  However, someone making $36,000 …

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