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What If Money CAN Buy Happiness?

“Money can’t buy happiness…but it can buy cows. And cows make milk, and milk makes ice cream, and ice cream makes you happy.” This is the sort of wisdom you pick up in a Colorado bookshop while on vacation. Maybe it was the thinner air, but after I chuckled, I thought, “Wait a minute…that’s really …

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That’s What Friends Are For

Ask a friend. That’s what we typically do when we’re trying to make decisions in life. Need a new doctor? Ask a friend. Better accountant? Ask a friend. Romantic vacation spot? Ask a friend. New school for the kids? Ask a friend. Why do we do this? Do we honestly think our assorted friends are …

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Is Your Debt Destructive or Constructive?

Comedian Bob Hope once quipped, “A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove you don’t need it.” We chuckle, but it’s true. Lending institutions couldn’t stay in business long if they loaned money to folks who couldn’t repay them (with interest).  So banks are careful. They consider the risks …

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The Surprising Truth About Budgeting

Clients often ask, “Do I need to budget?”  When I reply, “Maybe, maybe not,” they look at me like I’m a weight loss guru who just offered them a cheese Danish. “Wait—you’re a financial planner! Aren’t you supposed to tell me to budget?” My experience is that only about 10% of my clients budget. And …

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How to Save Money

All the financial whizzes like to say, “You need to be saving money!” Maybe you’d like to, but you don’t know how. (If so, how’s this for a hook: You will by the time you finish this column!) First things first: Saving is a habit. Like all habits, it requires motivation and momentum. If you’ve …

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3 Ways to Avoid Wrong Business Priorities

In the Disney film Glory Road, a star basketball player at Texas Western University is on the verge of flunking out.  In desperation, the coach summons the young man’s mother. She marches onto campus and proceeds to turns her son’s world upside down. She even attends class with him and “volunteers” him to recite all …

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