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Making Millions on Wall Street?

When you hear about someone making a fortune in the stock market practically overnight, don’t you sometimes think, “Why can’t that be me?” We saw it again in recent days.  In brief, a group of “wolf of Wall Street” types were betting against GameStop, the video game retailer. They were hoping to make millions when …

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Is Your Most Valuable Asset Protected?

In my first meeting with a new client, we typically do what I call a “data dump.” They bring all their financial information and dump it (sometimes literally) on my desk. Right now, I’m thinking of a particular young couple. They owned a business and had two young children at home. They were busy folks! …

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Stop Waiting for Perfect

The man told me he wanted to begin investing. He realized if he never invested his money, it could never grow. And if his money never grew, he’d never get to retire…at least not to the lifestyle to which he was accustomed. Ideally, the man said, he wanted the long-term growth available only in the …

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Backward or Forward – How Will You Live 2021?

Teaching your teenagers to drive is not for the squeamish.  (And all the parents said, “Amen!”) Years ago, I had a friend whose 15 year-old got his learner’s permit. Like every teen, he wanted to drive his parents everywhere. However, each time the boy got behind the wheel he would obsess over what was in …

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Optimism – The Rational Outlook for 2021

It takes a lot to be an optimist these days.  Just consider a handful of headlines from two national newspapers, one left leaning, the other right. These all appeared on the same day this week.  Pandemic Reshapes US Employment Across Industries Pandemic Leads Schools to Halt Ph.D. Admissions Airlines Aren’t Making It Easy to Use …

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Get Your Planning Right in 2021

The 1980s brought us cable TV, personal computers, parachute pants and mullet haircuts (powerful proof that not every “innovation” equals progress). The decade also saw the rise of the 401(k) plan.  Before the heyday of mullet haircuts, the phrase “retirement plan” referred to a pension plan. A pension was a social contract between workers and …

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