The Financial Freedom Process

Argent Advisors, Inc.

This is what you can expect during a free initial meeting to learn more about our Financial Freedom Process.

  • We will ask questions and you will ask questions.
  • We will have a discussion about your life to find out where you are, right now.
  • We will determine together, whether our values, ethics, and morals are aligned.
  • We will have a conversation about money, work, and play.
  • We will discuss cost.
  • Then by the end of our meeting, you will decide whether to work with us and likewise, we will decide whether to work with you. Together, we will agree on a partnership.

If you are ready to consider becoming a client of Argent Advisors and start your path to financial freedom, begin by completing the client application below - It's that simple.

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Let's prepare for your free initial visit.

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Make the most of life by making the most of your financial resources.


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