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Welcome Back to “The Old Normal”

What’s the most overused phrase in the English language? Here’s a vote for “the new normal.”  (“At the end of the day” runs a close second.) Pundits talk endlessly about “the new normal” in healthcare, politics, foreign relations, sexuality, the climate, the workplace—you name it. One exception is the financial world where I’m seeing a …

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Let’s Make a Deal

I grew up watching Let’s Make a Deal with Monty Hall.  Eager audience members would scream wildly, pleading with Monty to pick them to play the game. Once Hall had chosen someone to play, announcer Jay Stewart would bring down what looked to me like a TV dinner trey with a small package on it.  …

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Budgeting isn’t “Rocket Surgery”

“I should get on a budget.”  Ever say that? It’s really an admission that budgeting isn’t easy or fun. (If it were, everyone would be doing it, right?)  So, if you’re one of those who doesn’t have a budget, why bother trying to create and live by one? Because having a firm spending plan—which is …

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Why Listening to Your Heart is a Bad Idea

“Honey!” the mother pleads, looking into her adult daughter’s eyes. “I just want you to be happy. Listen to your heart!”  This line (or one like it) shows up in every sappy Hallmark movie I watch with my wife.  I can’t imagine worse advice to give someone—whether in the area of romance, parenting, career advancement, …

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Falling for Financial Fads?

In my 100% polyester, off-white leisure suit with its bell-bottomed pants and extra wide lapels, I thought I was hot stuff. My lime green nylon shirt sported a lion’s head on the back. My ensemble was made complete with platform shoes and a puka shell necklace. Oh, and I should mention my hair—blown dry and …

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Time for a Fiscal Physical?

No matter why I go see my doctor, he always does a few things first. Whether I’m complaining of cold or flu symptoms, or getting an annual physical, he first listens to my heartbeat, assesses my breathing (with an extra cold stethoscope), and looks down my throat, up my nose, through my ears, and into …

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