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When Everything Seems Bleak

In early October, 1871, a fire turned Chicago’s business district into a smoldering ash heap. Today, visitors to the Windy City marvel at a skyline of beautiful architecture. In late December, 2005, quarterback Drew Brees of the San Diego Chargers suffered a severe injury to his throwing shoulder. Many experts believed his NFL career was …

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What Pain Can Do for Us

I had hip surgery last week. Man, did that ever hurt! Beforehand, I researched the procedure, the surgeon, the health facility, and the outcomes of others who’d had the same surgery.  What I didn’t focus on is the grueling rehab patients have to do after surgery. I didn’t think to ask, “How much pain will I …

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Five Financial Potholes (and How to Fix Them)

After two years of masking up and shutting down, we stir-crazy Americans are traveling again!  Beaches are packed, Disney is bustling, and national parks and campgrounds are turning away visitors. Our renewed wanderlust means a reintroduction to a regular feature of road trips: potholes!  We’ve all had the unpleasant experience of driving along and hitting …

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What to Do When the Markets are in Turmoil

 “We’ve never seen anything like this,” my friend whispered in an ominous tone. “Like what?” I asked. “This economy,” he continued. “You know, inflation. Debt. The stock market.” “You’re worried about the stock market?” I asked. “Aren’t you?” he responded. “Do you remember when COVID-19 first appeared?” I asked. “In late February 2020, the stock …

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The Problem with Financial “Extrapolation”

Back in the 1970s, an OPEC oil embargo sparked a period of hyperinflation in America. To clamp down on rising prices, Fed Chairman Paul Volcker raised interest rates. By 1981, you were lucky if you could find a home mortgage for less than 16%. Business loans were going for 25%.  On the bright side, if …

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Timing is Everything (but Predictable)

“DOUBLE YOUR NEST EGG” the headline screamed. “Now’s the time to jump into cheap stocks, funds and real estate.” Bad timing for a magazine called “Smart Money.” This headline was on the cover of the October 2008 issue—immediately before an epic financial crisis and market meltdown.  In early October 2008, the Dow Jones Industrial Average …

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