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The 3 Most Common Financial Advisor Mistakes

“I’m unhappy with my financial advisor,” a man told me. “Not only have I lost money, but I don’t feel like he knows I’m alive! Is it too much to expect that my advisor would take care of me and my money?” This man is surely not alone in his thinking. Maybe you feel the …

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How to Do Anything You Can Do

A man once said to me, “My friends are always talking about their financial plans, but the idea that I could create such a thing feels impossible. I’m terrible with money!” I told him, “I understand that feeling. But the truth is you could create a smart financial plan. It really is possible.” (That’s a …

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How to Avoid Lost Trust

A man confessed: “My business did really well last year. Unfortunately, my CPA just told me what I owe in taxes, and I’m in shock. I don’t have the money! I reinvested it in my business. If my wife finds out about this it will send her into a tailspin. Should I just handle it …

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What’s Wrong with Righting a Wrong in Your Will?

An elderly couple told me this story:“Years ago, our son stole some money from us. We caught him, and he has since turned his life around. He’s married and has a wonderful family. He’s a good person. But he never did pay back the money he took. The subject just never comes up.  “It wasn’t …

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Three Things a Financial “Coach” Can Do for You

A man told me, “I read lots of books and articles about personal finance, but I don’t seem to have the self-discipline to put all those good ideas into practice.”He’s not the only one. I’m convinced this disconnect between “knowing what to do” and “doing what you know” is at the root of most financial …

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Money Grief … and How to Leave It Behind

Someone told me they have two primary emotions whenever they think about their financial situation: “It seems like I’m either frustrated or mad. Is that weird? Should money always make me so upset?” This admission reminds me of a book written more than 50 years ago by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in which she discussed five distinct …

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