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Are financial concerns keeping you up at night?

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Burdened by debt?

Wondering if you'll ever be able to retire?

Shocked at college tuition costs?

Frustrated with advisors who don't keep you updated?

We understand how unsettling financial insecurity is.

Let us help you make the most of your income and assets.



We’ll walk you through the proven, five-step process we’ve used to help hundreds of clients create financial plans to reach their unique goals.



We’ll work to guard your assets from real-life risks. We’ll explore insurance strategies that can mitigate threats to your family’s long-term financial security.



We’ll carefully monitor and grow your assets, keeping in mind your investment goals, your time parameters, and your tolerance for risk.

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We’ve found our services align best with four types of clients. If you decide we’re not a good fit for you, we’ll be glad to refer you to a financial services firm geared to your particular needs.


Retired & Loving It!

Typically these clients are:

  • 60+
  • Financially independent, but concerned about outliving their money 
  • Looking for a trustworthy financial advisor to “mind the store for them” so they can enjoy life to the fullest. (They often have $500,000 dollars--or more--to invest.)
  • Eager to preserve wealth, generate income from a life of savings, and eventually pass on their estates.

Hoping for Retirement

Usually in their 50s and early 60s, these folks hope to retire at some point, but wonder Is that even possible for us? And if so, when?

They generally have a retirement nest egg of at least $250,000, which may come from a company plan, a large IRA, or other assets they have accumulated over the years. They seek a lifetime income that is secure and growing.


In Major Life Transition

These clients come to us, for example, after:

  • Selling a business they built (“What should I do with the proceeds?”)
  • Changing careers (“How can I rollover my 401(k)?”)
  • Losing a spouse (“I need a wise plan for this insurance payout.”)
  • Receiving an inheritance (“What’s a smart, long-term investment strategy?”)

Up and Comers

Typically in their late 20s to mid-40s, these busy entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, and managers tend to take a long-term view when it comes to finances.

They’re family-oriented and conscientious. They often save or invest upwards of $1,000 a month. Many are also serious about debt reduction strategies and insurance protection.


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3. Worry less. Live more.

While we protect and grow your assets, you can worry less and live more!

Wisdom on Wealth

The Truth About Financial Control

How much of your life is in your control? Probably a lot less than you think. But how you respond to this uncomfortable reality can have a huge impact on your financial health. Think for a moment about all you actually control. Did you, for example, determine the parents you have or where you would …

The Truth About Financial Control Read More »

How Secure is Your Social Security?

Some people collect baseball trading cards. Other people collect antique books. I collect Social Security statements. Mine. Yes, I am that boring.  The oldest one I’ve got dates back to 2003, so I’ve got almost 20 years’ worth of Social Security (SSA) statements. But they contain my work records all the way back to the …

How Secure is Your Social Security? Read More »

The Danger of Financial Fatigue

The smell of fresh cut grass in August still makes me want to run and hide. I get flashbacks of red-faced football coaches, whistles blowing, screaming encouraging slogans at me like, “C’mon, son…run! Harder! Faster!” During summer camp, these thoughtful men even had trash cans placed strategically about the field so we players could pause, …

The Danger of Financial Fatigue Read More »

Get Right About What’s Wrong

Chris thought he had a stomachache.  So, like most young men, he considered his options and did the only sensible thing. He ate more.  Well, that didn’t help, so he bought the jumbo bottle of Pepto-Bismol. By the time the weekend was over, he was doubled over in pain and begging his wife to drive …

Get Right About What’s Wrong Read More »

Are You Ready for the Next Storm?

In one sense, Laura and Sally didn’t sneak up on anyone. Meteorologists helped us track both hurricanes from their births deep in the warm Atlantic waters to their tempestuous tromps through coastal cities and towns.  Laura devastated Lake Charles as she worked her way up the western side of south Louisiana. As I write this, …

Are You Ready for the Next Storm? Read More »

The Job You Should Be Working in Is …

Where should you work? If money is tight and job opportunities are in short supply, your answer might be “anywhere that will pay me!” While that’s not a terrible answer, it is also not an answer that’s likely to satisfy you long-term. Consider three mindsets that can help you frame your thinking about your career …

The Job You Should Be Working in Is … Read More »

Labor Day – Work is a “Get To”

I know an organization that frames the less-than-desirable duties of their employees as “get tos.” The idea is to change the mindset from negative to positive. Instead of seeing a duty as something you “have to do,” you change your viewpoint so that you see it as an opportunity for service, or something you “get …

Labor Day – Work is a “Get To” Read More »

“I hate debt!” … Really?

“I hate debt!” That’s an oft heard declaration that erupts early in some of my meetings with new or prospective clients. Most of the time it happens as a large sheet of paper is pulled out of a folder, or a spreadsheet is opened on a computer. Whether computerized or penned, it’s a list of …

“I hate debt!” … Really? Read More »

If the Shoe Fits

If your feet hurt when you walk, get smaller feet, bigger shoes or go barefoot.  That’s both the predicament and the choice left to many retirees (and those anticipating retirement) today.  Their feet hurt. A.K.A., their expenses are larger than their income. If you’ve ever spent much time spending more money than you bring in, …

If the Shoe Fits Read More »

Waiting on the Election

“I think I’m just going to wait until after the election.” I am hearing this response nearly every week from someone else afraid to make a decision with a financial impact. In my career I have lived through the elections of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald …

Waiting on the Election Read More »

Pay Attention to Your Costs … All of Them

“One one-thousandth of a dollar.” I said. “That’s not much is it?” I handed his phone back to him. He’d handed it to me to show me how low the expense ratio of his indexed mutual fund was. He pressed his lips together, holding back a smile. “I guess it’s my engineering training coming out,” …

Pay Attention to Your Costs … All of Them Read More »

Retire Debt in Retirement

“Should I refinance my house and get a 30-year mortgage? Is that crazy?” She was nearly 65 and had a six-figure mortgage attached to her house. She was single and had a good income as a nurse. But as she looked ahead, she could see trouble coming.  “I make nearly $5,000 per month now, and …

Retire Debt in Retirement Read More »

Perseverance Beats Perfection When Rehabbing Habits

“When you’re going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill’s advice still applies. If you find yourself having “blown it” once again financially, now is definitely not the time to stop. Now is the time to get back up, dust yourself off and redouble your efforts.  Chrystal and Tony are typical of people I’ve talked to …

Perseverance Beats Perfection When Rehabbing Habits Read More »

Doomsday Always Sells

“The signs are everywhere…” It was an ominous headline to an email that caught the attention of a client. “Is this something I should be concerned about?” Concern, worry and a buying decision to subscribe to an expensive newsletter was exactly what the email’s author was hoping to elicit.  The email’s author had “seen several …

Doomsday Always Sells Read More »

Giving as Gain

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Someone important said that long ago, but I think every generation has the opportunity to discover that truth in new and fresh ways.  But let’s start with the obvious…the math of giving doesn’t seem to work – at first anyway.  If I’ve got $100 and I …

Giving as Gain Read More »

A Union Under Tension

Out of many, one. That’s what the “E Pluribus Unum” phrase stamped on those coins in your pocket means.  It is the aspiration of a hopeful nation, that out of a disparate population from all over the world, a union might be formed and maintained.  For many, our “union” seems tenuous and anything but unified. …

A Union Under Tension Read More »

Where is Opportunity?

“Where can I find a job in an economy like this?” He was young and thought of himself as more ambitious than most. He wasn’t going to be happy climbing up some corporate ladder.  “Where’s the best place for a go-getter like me to get the best opportunity?” I tried to break it to him …

Where is Opportunity? Read More »

Black Swans: The Enemy of All Perfect Plans

“Didn’t see that coming!” A worldwide disease pandemic. An explosion of race related unrest across our nation. Oil prices going negative. A global financial crisis. A real estate bubble. The Dotcom bubble.  Pundits will blame someone for not seeing “it” coming. Consultants will charge a fee for helping you see it coming next time. And …

Black Swans: The Enemy of All Perfect Plans Read More »

Workers Worry About Money Today, Not Retirement Tomorrow

What causes the average Joe stress at work? Work, right?  Or maybe something about work – a bad boss, poor working conditions, toxic co-workers or maybe just Facebook being blocked on their work computer (“dang IT guys!”). Each year international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) sponsors an Employee Financial Wellness Survey. Their 2020 survey asked employees, …

Workers Worry About Money Today, Not Retirement Tomorrow Read More »

Financial Freedom

What is financial freedom? If you’re thinking “being wealthy” or “becoming financially independent,” I disagree with you. I know many wealthy, financially independent people who are anything but financially free. For them, money and wealth are a ball and chain, a never-sleeping slave master that makes them do its bidding. Financial freedom is not a …

Financial Freedom Read More »

Failure … the Path to Success

As the class of 2020 Zooms across the stage to collect their virtual diplomas, may I offer some advice as you set off to find your pathway to success? Fail. Often. I didn’t say “be a failure.” Nor did I ask you to enjoy the experience of failing.  But if you want to find the …

Failure … the Path to Success Read More »

Are You Prepared to Live to 100?

What would happen if you lived to be 100? When Wayne was contemplating his retirement from public service, he didn’t want to retire from life. He was looking for an older man who had lived the last portion of his life in an exemplary way. Wayne was 61 at the time. Who looks for a …

Are You Prepared to Live to 100? Read More »

Coaches for the Win

“Moore, if your brains was dynamite, you couldn’t make a humming bird sneeze!” They don’t make ‘em like Coach Shaw anymore.  He “drafted” me for his high school basketball team off my ninth-grade playground. The only thing I had going for me was being over six feet tall and attending a small high school blessed …

Coaches for the Win Read More »

Which Job Do You Want?

The interviews are over. You’ve managed to make it through the gauntlet and emerge on the other side, ready to claim that new job. All that remains is for them to make the offer and you to accept. “We are pleased to be able to make you a job offer to become part of the …

Which Job Do You Want? Read More »

I’ll Retire with a Little Help from My Friends

About 10,000 people retire each day in America.  That means you and I probably know someone who had planned to retire just as the Coronavirus-caused financial disaster struck.  Based on my experience, most of those 10,000 had already made peace with the fact they would have to do without a few things in order to …

I’ll Retire with a Little Help from My Friends Read More »

Spring Cleaning … Where Do I Start?

How is it that when you have the most unstructured time on your hands, you get the least done? Now, if you’re a doctor or nurse tending to Coronavirus patients, a banker pushing out PPP loans or a grocer working overtime to restock the toilet paper shelves, this doesn’t apply to you. But waaaay more …

Spring Cleaning … Where Do I Start? Read More »

What is Wealth?

What is wealth? Where does it come from? And is it easily destroyed? These are not academic questions unrelated to our daily if Coronavirus-interrupted lives.  In fact, your answer to these questions will drive how you respond during and after the worldwide pandemic. Is wealth the sum of all the money in all the banks …

What is Wealth? Read More »

Freedom from Fear

Freedom.  It’s one of those things we as Americans prize very, very highly. In fact, Americans prize freedom above almost all else. In the past, we have proven that we will even die to ensure freedom for those we love. But we find ourselves living in a time when that precious gift – freedom – …

Freedom from Fear Read More »

Who C.A.R.E.S.? You Should

The money is about to start flowing. And not a moment too soon. The COVID-19 virus has delivered a shock to the world economy the likes of which has not been seen in a long, long time. Businesses are shut down and individuals are staying at home. A national economy that was humming on Valentine’s …

Who C.A.R.E.S.? You Should Read More »

Momma Cash

Sometimes, you just want your Momma. The safety of that soft touch, the secure hug, the serene voice, and the sentimental smell (even if it is that of meatloaf and Pine Sol). It’s Momma. And it’s safe. That’s what financial markets wanted these last few weeks. Momma. And for financial markets, Momma is spelled C-A-S-H.  …

Momma Cash Read More »

Coronavirus – Good Reason to Delay Planning?

Question: All the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus has me wondering how effective long-term planning can be during times like these. What do you think? Answer: “My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened.”  So said French philosopher Michel de Montaigne over 500 years ago…which just goes to show you worry is …

Coronavirus – Good Reason to Delay Planning? Read More »

Lessons from a Crisis

It isn’t the first time and it certainly won’t be the last. But we find ourselves in the midst of a worldwide health crisis – the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Among the many ripple effects of the disease, and the world’s desperate attempts to contain it has been a significant impact on financial markets. Markets don’t like …

Lessons from a Crisis Read More »

A Way to Get Better

“Do you want to get well?” It’s a question that seems to have an obvious answer, especially if you’re sick. “Of course, I want to get well! What kind of question is that?” Next comes the follow-up question, and here’s where you separate the curious from the serious. “Are you willing to do what it …

A Way to Get Better Read More »

Letter from Jack

“How wrong can you be!” It was a message scribbled on a blue post-it note, stuck to a worn and folded newspaper clipping. The clipping was of a column I’d written for the local paper about 15 months prior to the note being written. I came across this old bit of correspondence just this week …

Letter from Jack Read More »

When Markets Get Sick

You’ve heard about that disease sweeping the world, right? It can cause fever, cough, body aches, fatigue; sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. Most cases are mild, but others are quite severe, even fatal in rare cases.  Around the world, nearly 1 billion people come down with this malady…9 to 45 million in the US alone. Between 12,000 …

When Markets Get Sick Read More »

Too Much Money is Too Much Trouble

Too much money is too much trouble You can have too much money. I know you don’t believe me. I hear you out there saying, “Try me! Just try me!” Of course, “too much money” is not the malady facing most Americans. Credit card debt is at an all-time high (over $1 trillion) and student …

Too Much Money is Too Much Trouble Read More »

Retirement Triple Play

There’s a reason football players come in all sizes. And, yes, as a matter of fact, this has a lot to do with your money…especially in retirement.  Whether you are a football fanatic experiencing the post-Super Bowl blues or someone who could care less about the sport, nearly everyone realizes football players come in large, …

Retirement Triple Play Read More »

Talk is Cheap – Show Me the Love

What is love? And what does that have to do with money? A really smart guy once said, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Well, if the treasure is money and the heart is love, then love and money go hand in hand. From one perspective, you could say that where …

Talk is Cheap – Show Me the Love Read More »

When is It Risky to Avoid Risk?

I know the speech. “Mr. Moore, this is all the money I have in the world.” She is clutching an investment account statement pulled from a tattered envelope. She has told me about the years of hard work she’s put in, saving as much as she could while putting three sons through college. Now she’s …

When is It Risky to Avoid Risk? Read More »

Symbols are No Surrogate for Substance

I wonder how many patients gorge on fried chicken the day before their first cardiology appointment. I’ve had many people come to see me for financial planning and begin the conversation by “admitting” they just bought a new car. Or a new house. Or maybe a new boat. It didn’t take long to figure out …

Symbols are No Surrogate for Substance Read More »

Money is a Mirror

Have you seen the latest fitness craze?  It’s a mirror. Actually, they call it “The Mirror.” This $1500 piece of technology combines video and live feedback technology to provide the experience of a one-on-one trainer in your home…only she’s really just in your mirror. It’s actually kind of spooky. There you are, standing in front …

Money is a Mirror Read More »

Developing Your 2020 Vision

Don’t look now but the 21st century is 20% done.  By this time last century, we’d fought a world war, built the Panama Canal, begun the Federal Reserve, started the income tax, given woman the right to vote and witnessed the birth of the first communist state. It was a busy 20 years.  Now the …

Developing Your 2020 Vision Read More »

No Substitute for Being There in Person

Sometimes there’s just no substitute for being there in person.  Can you imagine sending an employee, who reports to you at work, to your daughter’s school Christmas play? “Your father would have been here, but he had a super important conference call he had to take…” Delegation is a necessary skill and focusing on the …

No Substitute for Being There in Person Read More »

I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know

“I don’t know what I don’t know…” Craig had called me out of the blue. I’d known him when he was a college student, then a young single man. “Bachelor till the rapture,” he’d say about himself. Until he met Kathy. She was a single mom with a gentle but determined spirit and wiggly three-year-old. …

I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know Read More »

Career Advice from Coach O

By now, you have the advantage of knowing the outcome of yesterday’s SEC football championship contest between LSU and Georgia. No matter the outcome, LSU surprised everyone this year with its high-powered offense, led by quarterback Joe Burrow. And leading the team onto the field Saturday was their barrel chested, gravel voiced, Louisiana loving head …

Career Advice from Coach O Read More »

What Do I Do with My Retirement Plan When I Retire? Part 2

Last week we began exploring the need to “begin with the end in mind” when it comes to retirement planning. If you’re just stuffing dollars into a 401(k), you have a retirement account, but don’t have a retirement plan. A retirement plan is not only a tactic of funding a future retirement, but also a …

What Do I Do with My Retirement Plan When I Retire? Part 2 Read More »

What Do I Do with My Retirement Plan When I Retire? Part 1

Begin with the end in mind. That sounds obvious enough, doesn’t it?  When I finish writing this column, I’m planning to drive for four hours. But not just anywhere. I want to arrive in Baton Rouge at the conclusion of my drive. I’m not going to just get in my car and drive. I intend …

What Do I Do with My Retirement Plan When I Retire? Part 1 Read More »

Stay at Home

All she ever wanted to do was stay at home.  When she and Craig first met and married, Anna chose a pretty traditional route for a woman of her generation. She stayed at home to focus her time and energies on raising their three boys. Though her boys each married women that chose to work …

Stay at Home Read More »

They Were the Pre-Internet Social Networks

If you are old enough to remember when yearbooks were more popular than Facebook, you were an adult in the pre-Internet era.  That seems like a long, long time ago.  Today we often refer to Facebook and other such websites as “social media” or “social networks.” The idea is that the Internet facilitates the interaction …

They Were the Pre-Internet Social Networks Read More »

Did You Forget Something?

We got to an LSU football game once, only to discover we’d left the game tickets on the kitchen counter (stop laughing…you know you’ve nearly done the same). That wasn’t as bad as the time we got to Disney World, four Magic Kingdom manic kids in tow, only to discover we’d done the same things …

Did You Forget Something? Read More »

Vital Signs

What’s the first thing they do when you go to a doctor’s office? OK, well yes, they check to make sure you have insurance. But what else? OK, you got me. They make you fill out a clipboard full of information that you fill out every single time you go to the doctor’s office. My …

Vital Signs Read More »

Social Security: Attitudes Alter with Age

Wouldn’t it be nice to work at one of those places that offered big-time retirement perks? I mean the kind of employer that promises to send you millions of dollars over the course of your retirement. Guaranteed. You might be closer than you think. When it comes to retirement, attitudes naturally change as we get …

Social Security: Attitudes Alter with Age Read More »

DIY in the Kitchen and in the Retirement Account

“They’ll let you buy fresh dough and do it yourself,” Harrison offered. “You just get it in a big ball of dough, take it home and make your own. It’s cheaper!” I started thinking about flour all over the kitchen counter (and floor), chopping up dozens of ingredients, a hot oven and my spotty history …

DIY in the Kitchen and in the Retirement Account Read More »

Inheritance: Is It a Burden, Barrier, or Benefit?

The only thing she had left of him was his estate. If she lost that, she would lose him. It became obvious in our first conversation that she wasn’t here to talk to me about stocks, bonds, houses, buildings, businesses, or timberland. She had inherited all of that from her father.  From a purely financial …

Inheritance: Is It a Burden, Barrier, or Benefit? Read More »

Your Disaster Scenario

“If I have my mind, I can work.” “Great,” I answered. “Let’s test that theory out.” I opened my drawer and pulled out a hammer, laying it gently on the desk between us.  “Please place your hand palm down on the desk,” I said. “Your off-hand is fine. And please don’t move it…the hammer can …

Your Disaster Scenario Read More »

What’s Got You Stuck?

What’s got you stuck? Consultant Bobb Beihl tells of a time he was behind the scenes of an Arizona circus and started chatting with a man who trains animals for Hollywood movies. “How is it that you can stake down a ten-ton elephant with the same size stake that you use for this little fellow?” …

What’s Got You Stuck? Read More »

Launching Tyler

When Tyler left, Melinda cried. She cried because he was a kind, thoughtful young man who reminded her of her own sons, whom she had also seen leave the nest. In the month or two he’d lived with us, he’d unconsciously worked his way into her heart. I also got a little misty-eyed…without being asked …

Launching Tyler Read More »

One-Time Expenses are Rarely One Time

It would be a one-time expense.  He was not asking my permission. He was notifying me of a change I was now being tasked to make in his retirement plan.  He drove that change to our meeting. I had not previously thought of him as a tricked-out Escalade kind of guy, but there he was …

One-Time Expenses are Rarely One Time Read More »

From Vision to Provision to Victory

“That’s never going to happen.” She held a binder in her hands with papers, charts, and projections outlining the process of how she and her husband might gradually replace the income they each earned through working with income that comes from their accumulated assets.  Otherwise known as a retirement plan. “Now hold on a minute,” …

From Vision to Provision to Victory Read More »

Is Retirement Bad for You?

What if you found out retirement was bad for you? Would you reconsider it? Or at least the way it is traditionally done? Richard W. Johnson thinks so. He’s the director of retirement policy at the Urban Institute. His survey of studies done on the health of retirees suggests a number of downsides for retirees, …

Is Retirement Bad for You? Read More »

Water, Wills, and What to Say

Early in my career, I learned that water causes wills.  “Hey, Julie and I are going to Europe to celebrate her 40th birthday and we both decided we wanted to get wills done before we go…” It’s a phone call I get once or twice a year, either from a client or a friend.  Something about …

Water, Wills, and What to Say Read More »

Hidden in Plain Sight

“Why hasn’t anyone ever told me about this?” she asked. She was at the same time relieved, chagrined, and just a tiny bit angry.  Like many facing retirement, she had started later than she now wished she had and was facing the prospect of a significant lifestyle change. Sure, she could keep spending money in …

Hidden in Plain Sight Read More »

Of Scams, God, and Good ‘Ol Boys

When a preacher tells you that your treasure should be in heaven, you might want to listen. But if one of them starts telling you that at least some of your treasure might be found in recently discovered Confederate government bonds, foreign exchange currency schemes, timber contracts, off-shore certificates of deposit or high yield hospital …

Of Scams, God, and Good ‘Ol Boys Read More »

Financial Wellness

Question: What is financial wellness? I am a human resources professional and financial wellness is a hot topic among my peers. The idea is that if we provide financial wellness training for our employees, they can be more stable and productive for their employers. That sounds good, but I’m not even sure how to define …

Financial Wellness Read More »

Goal Setting: Aim at What You Require, Desire, and Aspire

Question: My wife and I are setting some goals with respect to our retirement and we have a question. Should we be pessimistic or optimistic about how things will go, both now and in retirement? I’ve run different scenarios and things can really turn out wildly different, depending on what assumptions you use. Answer: One …

Goal Setting: Aim at What You Require, Desire, and Aspire Read More »

Mistakes When Working with a Financial Advisor

Question: I have been working with a financial planner for a few years and I’m not satisfied. It isn’t so much about the investment part. That’s been OK. But I just don’t feel like he knows I am alive. Is it too much to expect to be able to find someone who will take care …

Mistakes When Working with a Financial Advisor Read More »

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