Good (and Bad) News for Mid-Lifers

Bill scowled at his reflection in the mirror. At least his grayish beard hid his double chin. 

“How did I get so old so soon?” he asked himself.

Bill’s not old; he’s only 45. But he is at “halftime” in his professional life. Twenty years down, roughly twenty to go.

In our twenties and thirties, it’s easy to put off important matters. “I’ll get to that later.”

But then we sleep a few times and suddenly we’re in our forties (or fifties). Suddenly, our procrastination feels like the worst plan ever.

If you’re at the “halftime” stage of life, I’ve got good news and bad news. 

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

Bad news #1: You’re probably behind

You already suspect this, don’t you? You’ve been dabbling with 2% and 3% contributions to your 401(k), all the while piling up more debt. The kids haven’t gotten any less expensive, and it seems every week there’s a new “must do” activity with a $150 or $250 price tag attached. 

Bad news #2: “I don’t want to look” is a bad strategy

Busy and tired, you plead, “Can’t we talk about this next month?” Then, when you do (reluctantly) talk, you end up in a bad mood or a squabble—or both.

Here’s the ugly truth: Not looking at your financial situation hasn’t helped you thus far, and it’s not going help you going forward. 

Bad news #3: If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. One of the realities of reaching “halftime” is that time is not your friend. With every passing year, the price tag for reaching a place of financial freedom goes up. 

Fortunately, there is good news!

Good news #1: You can get help

When my youngest son graduated from college, he decided to buy a school bus and transform it into a tiny home. For months he worked on “Ethyl” in a barn. Each night he’d watch a YouTube video explaining how to tackle the next stage of his big renovation. After many months of work, he and his wife were able to take Ethyl on an unforgettable driving tour of the western United States.

Sometimes help comes in the form of a YouTube video. Sometimes it comes in the form of a flesh-and-blood advisor who can answer all your hard questions face-to-face. 

If you’re at halftime, you need a person not a video.

Good news #2: You can make progress

A good advisor is an encouraging coach and a wise guide. He or she should provide direction, information, and motivation. I find most “half-timers” need more than a vague challenge to “put more in your 401(k).” They need a detailed plan to coordinate all their financial strategies – savings, debt reduction and retirement income planning.

Good news #3: You might be closer than you think

Here’s the crazy truth: You might be in better shape than you think. 

Many “half-timers” that visit with me look grim when they arrive. I help them look honestly at their situation. Then, together, we agree upon a set of strategies and actions so that they leave with clear direction and renewed hope.

Are you a “half-timer” who feels behind, stuck, and perhaps even afraid to look at your financial situation?

Here’s a simple action you can take to get moving in the right direction. 

Email me at and ask for my free, simple to understand e-book called “How to Put Money Worries in Your Rear View Mirror – the Financial Freedom Roadmap.” I’ll send it to you right away.

But more importantly, when you email me, put “I could use some help” in the subject line and we’ll reach out with a special offer. It’s free too.

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