Crisis Christmas

Do you get the feeling that it’s the coronavirus, not the Grinch, that’s trying to steal Christmas? I’m sure I don’t’ need to recite all of this year’s national and international economic disappointments that have come as a result of this pandemic. 

For the unemployed oil field worker, the exhausted nurse or teacher, the farmer squeezed by low corn prices and bad weather, or the widow enduring her first Christmas alone, these days feel anything but “merry and bright.”

But here’s one thing that’s true:

Difficult circumstances have a way of revealing what matters most.

Hard times can refocus us. They can remind us not to let trivial matters blind us to important things.

That’s one of the reasons I am so thankful for Christmas. It’s the season that reminds me there are valuable things that don’t decrease in value when life takes a turn (socially, politically, economically) I didn’t expect or want. 

Take just a moment to think of the things that fit that description – things whose value isn’t altered by external circumstances. Family. Love. Friends. Laughter. Faith. God.

The essence of the Christmas story is something (Someone!) of greatest worth wrapped in the humblest of packages. A baby … born in obscurity…born to poverty … lying in an animal feed trough for goodness sake…sent to save the world! 

It didn’t seem like a very likely solution to many people then. And for sure, not everyone sees it that way today. 

But whether you do or don’t, I hope you’ll take some time this Christmas season to reflect on (and be grateful for) all the things in life that are inherently valuable regardless of external circumstances. 

You (the readers of this space) are one of those things for me. The opportunity to have this conversation with you in good times as well as trying times is a stewardship I do not take lightly. I am thankful for you.

I’m grateful for family. By the time you read this, the Moores will have welcomed a second grandchild into the world in 2020 (so this hasn’t been a bad year at all for my clan!). I’ve got friends I’ve known and loved for 40 years. It has been my privilege to work with a staff of caring professionals that make me better each year…my oldest son has joined me in my financial planning practice – a dream come true! I’ve got a church family that encourage my spiritual growth and constantly reminds me of God’s goodness.

One of the best ways to reflect on how 2020 has impacted you and how you can prepare yourself for the best 2021 possible is to ask yourself the right questions. I’ve got a short, free e-book I wrote just for this time of year. It’s titled The Three Financial Questions You Should Be Asking for 2021. It’s my gift to anyone who requests it. Get your copy by writing to: 

We all hope the days ahead will bring a receding pandemic and brighter economic news. But whenever that news comes, may this season bring you much joy, much gratitude, and much recognition of that which is truly valuable in your life.

That’s the stuff circumstances can’t touch.

Merry Christmas!

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