Are You Ready for the Next Storm?

In one sense, Laura and Sally didn’t sneak up on anyone.

Meteorologists helped us track both hurricanes from their births deep in the warm Atlantic waters to their tempestuous tromps through coastal cities and towns. 

Laura devastated Lake Charles as she worked her way up the western side of south Louisiana. As I write this, Sally is soaking Alabama on her way into Georgia.

This happens every year (some years, it happens multiple times). Every year, it seems we are surprised.

I don’t think we are so much surprised THAT it happens. It surprises us WHERE it happens…when WHERE it happens is HERE.

Thankfully, the National Guard, other government agencies, brave utility company linemen and innumerable church sponsored charities swing into action to feed the suddenly homeless, clear the debris and get the lights back on.

These folks are anything but surprised. They expect it every year. Again, the only question is where.

When the 100+ mph winds were ripping the rooftops off homes in Lake Charles, the good folks at Rolling Hills Ministries didn’t look at each other and say, “Well, gosh, we really ought to do something. What do you think we should do?”

They knew exactly what they would do. They knew exactly how their feeding trailers, shower trailers and laundry trailers would be loaded with supplies and equipment enough to feed 10,000 meals per day. As soon as the wind died down sufficiently, these people were rolling towards the trouble in Lake Charles, not running away from it. 

They knew what to do WHEN the storm came because they had prepared what to do BEFORE the storm came.

Preparedness is a powerful thing.

How about you?

Do you think storms only happen in other places and to other people? And is your definition of a “storm” broad enough? Consider the following:

Insurance for your property. Your probably own a house and a car. Maybe some other stuff too. Do you know what would happen in the event your house was damaged in a big storm – say, like a hurricane? Are you aware that many homeowners policies have a significant (up to 5% of the value) deductible for damage done by hurricane force winds? That would be a $15,000 deductible on a $300,000 house.

Insurance for your body. We’ve been pretty focused on hurricanes today, but what about a “life storm,” like a stroke or heart attack? If you were sick or injured and could not work, what would happen to your lifestyle? Worse, what would happen if you died? Could your family make it?

Cash for a big storm. I spoke with a friend recently whose child got sick. Really sick. Go to St. Jude’s for six-months sick. They did, and their child is much better, thank you. But they remarked how grateful they were that they had kept “six months of income in the bank, just in case.” 

In some ways, life is one long hurricane season. We don’t know when they’re coming, or where.

But we know they’re coming.

Shame on us if we’re not prepared.

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