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A Union Under Tension

Out of many, one. That’s what the “E Pluribus Unum” phrase stamped on those coins in your pocket means.  It is the aspiration of a hopeful nation, that out of a disparate population from all over the world, a union might be formed and maintained.  For many, our “union” seems tenuous and anything but unified. …

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Where is Opportunity?

“Where can I find a job in an economy like this?” He was young and thought of himself as more ambitious than most. He wasn’t going to be happy climbing up some corporate ladder.  “Where’s the best place for a go-getter like me to get the best opportunity?” I tried to break it to him …

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Black Swans: The Enemy of All Perfect Plans

“Didn’t see that coming!” A worldwide disease pandemic. An explosion of race related unrest across our nation. Oil prices going negative. A global financial crisis. A real estate bubble. The Dotcom bubble.  Pundits will blame someone for not seeing “it” coming. Consultants will charge a fee for helping you see it coming next time. And …

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Workers Worry About Money Today, Not Retirement Tomorrow

What causes the average Joe stress at work? Work, right?  Or maybe something about work – a bad boss, poor working conditions, toxic co-workers or maybe just Facebook being blocked on their work computer (“dang IT guys!”). Each year international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) sponsors an Employee Financial Wellness Survey. Their 2020 survey asked employees, …

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Financial Freedom

What is financial freedom? If you’re thinking “being wealthy” or “becoming financially independent,” I disagree with you. I know many wealthy, financially independent people who are anything but financially free. For them, money and wealth are a ball and chain, a never-sleeping slave master that makes them do its bidding. Financial freedom is not a …

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Failure … the Path to Success

As the class of 2020 Zooms across the stage to collect their virtual diplomas, may I offer some advice as you set off to find your pathway to success? Fail. Often. I didn’t say “be a failure.” Nor did I ask you to enjoy the experience of failing.  But if you want to find the …

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