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Podcast - When is it time to invest? (3:44)

By Byron Moore, posted September 28, 2017

The following segment first aired on KEDM 90.3.

Most people who try to time their investments to the ups and downs of the market rarely make progress. So how do you know it’s the right time for YOU to invest?

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Four fates of your financial future

By Byron Moore, posted March 1, 2017
Originally published in the News Star and the Shreveport Times on Sunday, February 26, 2017.

Full piggy bank_sm.jpegQ: What will happen to money remaining in my 401K if I die? Does the company get that?

A: The good news is no, the company doesn’t get it. The bad news is…what do you mean “if”?

A 401K account has a beneficiary designation, meaning you get to decide before you die who gets anything remaining in it when you die. This is most often your spouse, but even if that’s the case, be sure you name a “contingent” beneficiary – meaning someone who gets the money if your spouse dies with or before you.

The S&P 500s $20 trillion value... how did we get here?

By Mike Jones, posted February 16, 2017

As I was driving to work this past Monday morning, a reporter for Bloomberg Radio announced that the collective value of the S&P 500 had exceeded TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS for the first time ever. 

The power and peril of compound interest

By Byron Moore, posted February 13, 2017
Originally published in the News Star and the Shreveport Times on Sunday, February 12, 2017.

compound interest_sm.jpgQ: I have always had a goal to have $1,000,000 in my investments. I’ve been at it for a while and I’ve finally gotten to $100,000 but that only puts me a tenth of the way there. I’m in my mid-30s and I don’t see how I’ll ever get there.

A: You need to understand the power of what you’re dealing with, but you also need to understand its potential for peril.

I’m talking about compounding interest, something Albert Einstein is often credited with calling “the eighth wonder of the world.” That’s probably an urban legend, by the way. A bit like Abraham Lincoln always complaining that his Twitter account kept getting hacked.

The year ahead: hopes and fears

By Mike Jones, posted January 20, 2017

As we begin 2017 many research reports have crossed my desk predicting and prognosticating just how this year could play out.  All we know at this time is the number of variables is seemingly very wide. 

Trump market: winners, losers and fortune tellers

By Byron Moore, posted November 28, 2016
Originally published in the News Star and the Shreveport Times on Sunday, November 27, 2016.

Trump_sm.jpegQuestion: I keep seeing that the Dow is way up since Donald Trump won the election. But when I Iook online at my 401K, it’s not really doing anything. I am mostly invested in the stock market in my 401K, so why would there be such a difference?

Answer: Donald Trump’s election to serve as the 45th president of the United States made history. It has also made for a bit of hysteria.

The most overlooked asset

By Byron Moore, posted June 6, 2016
Originally published in the News Star on Sunday, June 5, 2016.
cash stack_0.jpgQuestion: With stocks overvalued and bonds looking riskier than ever, if interest rates go up it’s really hard to know where to put your money. Are there asset classes that are being overlooked?

Answer: Yes. A very big one.

What are negative interest rates and why should I care?

By Byron Moore, posted April 25, 2016
Originally published in the News Star and the Shreveport Times on Sunday, April 24, 2016.

falling interest rates_sm.jpgQuestion: I try to keep up with financial news a little, and I keep hearing about something called negative interest rates. What are they and do they have anything to do with me?

Answer: When my now (almost) 90 year old father opened his first savings account as a young man in a small bank in Mississippi, the banker smiled broadly at him while extending his hand to shake and announced ceremonially, “And the best part about banking with us is that we won’t charge you a dime to keep your money here!”

Mega rich athletes and financial planning for the rest of us

By Mike Jones, posted April 21, 2016

Recently I found myself sucked into one of those websites that discloses information on top athletes who made millions of dollars yet somehow lost or spent it all.  Those kinds of stories intrigue me and always get me to thinking about personal finances, budgets, happiness and life in general.

Why alternative funds?

By Mike Jones, posted March 17, 2016

This month I would like to introduce you to two things: the first is the strategy of introducing alternative funds to a portfolio. The second is the management firm AQR.

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