How to Pay for College

Most parents eventually think, “College…oh yeah…what’s THAT going to cost?” Smart question to ask—and answer—ASAP. (Have you checked the price of higher education lately?) According to SoFi, as of the 2022-23 school year, a four-year degree from Harvard (tuition, books, and all other expenses) now runs $334,152. If you want to tack on a degree […]

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What’s Your Retirement Income ‘Personality’?

Most people I know have taken at least one of these famous “personality tests”: It could be that you’re a “high D” or an INTJ or an Enneagram 3. Whatever the case, these assorted assessments (and all the others like them) are a fascinating reminder of just how differently we’re wired. And it’s not just

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What an Investment Manager Is (and Isn’t)

How do you know if your investment manager is doing a good job? (Especially when the markets are so volatile.) Before we answer that question, let’s remember what an investment manager is and isn’t. A good investment manager is not… 1. An Economic Alchemist.  In ancient times, alchemists were individuals who claimed the ability to

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