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Thankful for Hope in Hard Things

I don’t have to remind you we just celebrated Thanksgiving. For many of us, the day was full of family, feasting, football and Friday…endless advertisements about Black Friday and the “don’t you dare miss this” sales that go with it.  One of my family’s simple traditions is to go around the table during the Thanksgiving …

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Two “Dudes” Work Out an Investment Plan

“You’re saying I should invest NOW?” Jordan almost choked as he thrust the heavy weights over his head.  He and his buddy Patrick regularly solved all the world’s problems during their noon workouts. On this day, the conversation had turned to personal finance. “Dude, the stock market is HORRIBLE!” Jordan said emphatically as he set …

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When Information Becomes “Too Much”

“What Hath God Wrought.” That was the first telegraphed message, sent on May 24, 1844. It traveled 50 whole miles—from the United States’ Capitol all the way to Baltimore.  Before Samuel Morse’s landmark invention, news and information moved at the speed of a horse, a train, or a ship. With the introduction of the telegraph, …

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When Investing Feels Like Gambling

“The stock market is like gambling,” someone told me earlier this week. I understand such feelings.  Thanks to inflation, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and other factors, the markets are more volatile than normal. The S&P 500 is a prime example. It fell 12% earlier this year. It has since recovered about half that year-to-date …

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