October 2023

Preparation Beats the Quest for Perfection

You probably have a friend who thinks about money and investments all the time.  (Or, perhaps, YOU are that friend.) You know the type: Always monitoring the markets. Constantly trying to identify the hottest mutual fund. Relentlessly keeping one eye on CNBC or Fox Business. For some, this hyper-focus on money is thrilling, almost addictive. …

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Pessimistic, Optimistic, or Realistic?

Someone recently said to me, “Your columns and emails haven’t been very upbeat lately. You turning pessimistic on us?” Me, pessimistic? Never! The word “pessimism” comes from a Latin root meaning “worst.” Seeing things in the “worst” possible light doesn’t do anyone any good.  The mantra for pessimists is “Why even try? Nothing ever works …

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Three Things Your Adults Kids Want to Say to You

Many adult children tell me: “My parents desperately need to do some estate planning. However, because we’ve never talked much about financial matters in our family, I don’t know how to urge them to take action.” I have heard this sentiment often. So frequently, I want to take this opportunity to speak to older moms …

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